Germany - World leader in energy efficiency

Increasing efficiency
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With energy prices on the rise and energy resources becoming scarce, both prosperity and competitiveness increasingly depend on our ability to use energy as efficiently as possible. This is true of industry as well as private households and the transport sector.

Germany has to import most of its energy resources. This is why, for several decades now, Germany has had a tradition of treating resources with respect and conserving energy, while still ensuring a high standard of living. Germany's total primary energy consumption is less than 7 gigajoules per €1,000 gross domestic product (GDP). In terms of energy consumption, Germany is one of the most productive industrial nations in the world. In 2007, the total primary energy consumption achieved its lowest value in more than 25 years, even though the gross domestic product had more than doubled during this same period.

World leader in energy efficiency

For a long time now, "Made in Germany" has been synonymous with high-quality products. Increasingly, however, German technology is also proving to be exceptionally energy-efficient. When it comes to energy-efficient technology, Germany is the international market leader and chief innovator. This is also reflected in the exceptionally high number of patent applications submitted in the areas of efficient building services technology, energy-efficient industrial procedures and processes as well as energy-efficient industrial cross-application technologies. In the years 2002 to 2004, German researchers and companies submitted between 30 and 40% of global patent applications in these areas.

Breakdown of final energy consumption in 2006 by sector
Breakdown of final energy consumption in 2006 by sector
For example, the world's market for condensing boiler technology, which is deployed in gas and oil central-heating boilers and achieves efficiencies of almost 100%, is served almost exclusively by the German heating industry. This is also true of the system technology market for using renewable energies.

Stable domestic market with international benefits

International customers of German companies benefit from a stable domestic market for energy-efficient products. Market continuity provides planning reliability for companies. In this way, the industry can continuously optimise systems and components as well as test innovations in live operation. With approximately €8 billion invested in environmental protection (most of which has been invested in energy efficiency) and export volumes in the region of €3 billion for capital goods which help to protect the environment, Germany is once again one of the world's leading suppliers in this area.

Currently, the Export Initiative is showcasing cutting-edge German technology in four main sectors: