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Transport Case Studies

Modernisation of the automatic nine-aisle high bay warehouse of an automotive company with 22,000 storage spaces and nearly 4,000 movements in and out per day.

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Gradual conversion of the storage facility during operations to the latest mechanical, electrical and control solutions, e.g. via the introduction of a system to capture braking energy. Also, the stacker cranes only move as fast as is required by the current job situation.

The most frequently required types of goods are now stored in the spaces which are closest to the point of need.

Energy Savings

The throughput in the storage facility rose by 50% from 4,000 to 6,000 movements in and out. The energy conservation measures saved 118,500 kWh per year, equivalent to the electricity needs of roughly 30 4-person households. At current German electricity prices, this saving amounts to around ¤25,000 per year.

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